Thursday, February 8 2018

About the plan..

Only WE know the plan, only WE can change and understand how to change the plan, and only WE can feel the goal.. Ya, only YOU and I, God..

Wednesday, May 17 2017


yesterday, I sat down in that place.....// that's favorite place to hang out, and remarkable hut to workout.. That's our scene, where running our momentous 'film' to remember our man, who always welcome us to get ice cream for his spoiled little girl.. -yearswithoutDad-

Thursday, March 9 2017


"It is not easy to entertain yourself rather than themselves.. Just give your smile, enjoy your smile, enjoy your ice cream, and forget your heart scream.."


"Mother -- Woman who supports and encourages me to be wise and mature.. Woman who is in the back of daughter's ambition to be a better woman and how to love and be loved.."


"Every inch of taste, every bunch of feeling, boosting my mood, drawing my smile, chilling me out.. As ice cream, as you are.."


"No need of feeling sorrow.. It should be having a hope from God, not from His creature.. So no excuse to be hurt.. However, being sad or happy is based on what we choose.. Choose wisely.."


"Good friends are sent from God to you, to create the bliss, to get rid of sorrow, who can't be near you everyday, but care so much when you feel misery.."


"The simple happiness, but precious, comes from the good and loyal friends.."

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